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Complementary Medicine

At Slade Veterinary Hospital, we offer laser therapy.  Laser therapy serves to enhance western medicine and can offer superior health outcomes for many pets.


Laser Therapy

Laser therapy helps pets with acute or chronic medical conditions experience more rapid healing by relieving pain, modifying inflammation, and increasing circulation to the affected area. Lasers magnify and focus light in the red and infrared spectrum. In laser therapy, this light penetrates into tissue. Studies have shown that therapeutic laser light actually attracts beneficial cells, such as nerve cells and other cells that assist in healing, to the light source, thus speeding the healing process.

Laser therapy is best indicated for pain or inflammation, such as cruciate tears, soft tissue injuries to the limbs, and chronic injuries.

The laser strengths used in our therapy do not damage tissue unless directed at the eyes for long time periods. This is also known as cold laser therapy. The type of machine we use at Slade Veterinary Hospital is a Class IIIb laser machine, with 500 mW (or one half of a Watt) of power, and it is much safer than Class IV lasers. Eye protection is not needed when using this machine.

Pictured: Andrea with Chili performing a laser treatement.