Tessa Fiamengo, DVM, MS

Originally from New York, Dr. Fiamengo has moved around the country during her pursuit of higher education. At Colorado State University, she earned a bachelor’s of science with a major in biology focusing in genetics and double minors in philosophy and biomedical sciences. She then attended Oregon State University for Veterinary School. While pursuing her undergraduate and veterinary degrees, Dr. Fiamengo was actively involved in reproductive research. After graduating from veterinary school, she spent 4 years working as a small animal general practitioner in Portland, Oregon, before deciding to follow her passion and return to reproductive medicine and research. In 2016, Dr. Fiamengo was awarded an AKC/CHF/TF Companion Animal Theriogenology Resident position at the Ohio State University. During her residency, her masters research focused on canine pyometra and bacterial resistance patterns.

At Slade Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Fiamengo brings the knowledge and experience gained during her residency to aid in the reproductive management of our patients. In addition to being passionate for reproductive medicine, she also enjoys soft tissue surgery.

Outside of work she enjoys running and hiking with her 3 dogs, Mudd, Torr and Nilla. And when not working on a weekend, she is likely to be found at a dog show or trial.

Tessa Fiamengo, DVM

Dr. Tessa Fiamengo with Mudd, Nilla and Torr