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Phone: (+1) 508-875-7086
Fax: (+1) 508-872-4263

Our receptionists welcome your calls and look forward to taking care of you. We wish to provide you with the most accurate information and the best service, so please refer to this directory when contacting us.

Ask for:  Andrea, who assists Dr. Mike McGuill

Ask for: Lilia, Hospital Administrator or Amanda, Clinical Operations Supervisor

Ask for: Leigh, who assists Dr. Kremer Mecabell​​​​​​

Domestic & International Health Certificates
Ask for: Cindy

Health & Wellness
Ask for: Wendy, Maria, or Jessy

Reproductive Medicine/Semen Freezing Center
Ask for: Mary, Linn, Scott or Kirsten,  all of whom assist Drs. Migday, Schmieder & Gatlin


General inbox

To contact our Reproductive liaisons or for questions concerning Canine/Feline Reproduction, please use the email:

Before emailing us, please know that we prefer to talk to you, and keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Our staff checks email on a periodic basis only.
  • If you have multiple questions and possible scenarios regarding a specific breeding, we would rather speak to you directly than try to communicate through email. We have found this creates less confusion and gets you the quickest response.  
  • Please do not rely on email to convey time-sensitive information.


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Melissa Spillane and Chris Hagopian with Karli checking out two clients at reception desk.

Receptionists Melissa and Chris with Karli greeting two clients at reception desk.

Alex Beardsworth, receptionist

Alex, receptionist

Receptionist, Shana Sanders

Shana, receptionist